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Sole UK distributors of Italsensor (Tekel Srl) incremental/absolute encoders. Official Distributors for Baumer Hubner, IVO and Thalheim.  Suppliers/ stockists of a large range of Tacho Generators including (Huebner, (Hubner), Radio Energie, Thalheim Magnetic etc) Please feel free to browse our site for examples of our quality product range. If you require further information please don't hesitate to contact us at


Tachogenerators have been employed in industry for many years and enable the control of machinery on your company's production line, where precise rotation speeds are desired. In appearance a tachogenerator takes the form of a small electric motor, but with... read more


When it is required to determine the angular position of rotating shafts then a rotary encoder or optical encoder is used. They usually take the form of a miniature electric motor in appearance, and sometimes get mistaken for stepper motors... read more