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An incremental encoder is used in order to provide data about speed, as well as distance. It’s a popular choice for industrial applications due to its efficiency and accuracy. With this type of device, minimal sensors are used, which means simplicity and, usually, economy. However, this type of speed and distance-measuring device does have one limitation. It will need to be equipped with a reference device which measures motion. These encoders function by generating an array of pulses while they are moving. As they move, they relay relative value data. Absolute encoders are a little different. The provide output which details current positions of shafts, which puts them into the angle transducer category. This type of encoder comes with a separate digital output for every shaft position and this means that position data is accurate, even when power is interrupted. If power is lost, an encoder will offer accurate position data (or absolute data) as soon as the power goes back on. Since this type of encoder provides the most reliable accuracy, it’s a fine choice for specific applications, including robots and machines which package items. When speed and distance data must be perfect, this encoder delivers.

Italsensor TKW25 - Blind Shaft Encoder
  • Encoder size 44 mm, height 48 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 6 mm
  • Resolution: up to 1250 PPR
  • Power Supply: 5 V, 11/30 V, 24/5 V
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Italsensor TKW25C - Blind Shaft Encoder
  • 6mm Shaft
  • 2 - 1250 PPR
  • 5V 11/30V and 24/5V voltage supply
  • 44mm dia flange
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Italsensor TKW315 - Blind Shaft Encoder
  • 6 and 8mm Shaft
  • Upto 3600 PPR
  • 5V 11/30V and 24/5V voltage supply
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Italsensor TKW615C - Blind Shaft Encoder
  • Encoder size 62 mm, height 40 mm
  • Shaft diam: 6,8,10,12,14,15 mm
  • Resolution: up to 3600 PPR
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Italsensor TSW365 - Blind Shaft Encoder
  • 6mm Shaft
  • 5V only
  • 720 - 14400 PPR
  • With / Without Spring
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Italsensor TSW58 - Blind Shaft Encoder
  • 6 - 11mm Shaft Options
  • 4 - 5000 PPR
  • 5V 5/28V 11/30V Voltage Supply
  • Collar Clamp
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Precizika A90H Photoelectric Encoder
  • Measure Angular Position
  • Used in Automatic Control, Medical Equipment, Rotary Table
  • Sinusoidal / Square wave (TTL)
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