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Tachogenerators have been employed in industry for many years and enable the control of machinery on your company's production line, where precise rotation speeds are desired. In appearance a tachogenerator takes the form of a small electric motor, but with a much higher specification. The device can be directly coupled, in-line, via a flexible coupling to a driven spindle or belt driven by means of a timing belt and pulley arrangement. Usually, it is coupled to the main drive motor for which control is required.

A tachogenerator operates using the process of inducing emfs by a permanent magnetic circuit into the windings of an iron cored rotor whilst this is revolving. An output at the terminals of the tachogenerator is an analogue DC voltage which is a precise function of rotation speed and is a constant for that model of tachogenerator. There are many different models available, from the REO110, which develops a voltage of 0.007v/rev or 7v/1000rpm, to the RE.O 588 which can develop 200v/1000rpm.  In the middle we have the industry standard REO444R with a range of 6V - 60V/1000 RPM Ex Stock, with higher voltages available.  This voltage is used to provide a speed feedback signal for the DC Power Drive or AC Inverter powering the main motor.

In this way the motor speed can be very accurately maintained.

The REO444L and the GTF7.16L are mainly used in the Lift / Elevator / Escalator Industry.

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