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Encoders and Tachogenerators
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Sole UK Distributors of Italsensor Encoders
Official stockists/distributors of Baumer Hubner, IVO and Thalheim products
Stockists of Radio Energie/Precilec/Zodiac Aerospace Tacho Generators

A generator is a piece of equipment which produces electrical power from mechanical energy. The mechanism is usually activated by the turning of a shaft. Generally speaking, the voltage produced will be proportional to the speed of the shaft, providing there is no resistance. Using this basic premise, generators can be made to produce specific and precise voltages in relation to the shaft speeds. This makes them ideal as a measurement device and a generator made for this use is called a tachometer or tachogenerator. They are often used to measure the speeds of engines and motors, and the equipment they power. In a working environment this could be machine tools or conveyor belts, in fact any moving part which requires adjustment or monitoring. The hollow-shaft version refers to a different design inside the motor which allows the use of four magnetic poles rather than just two. They are designed to cope with a lower load and lower tachometer voltage.

Baumer Hubner GT5 Tacho Generator
  • High response speed
  • No auxillary energy source required
  • 8 - 12mm bores available
  • 7V, 9.5V and 10V/1000 RPM tacho
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Baumer Hubner GT7 Tacho Generator
  • 12 - 16mm bore available
  • 14mm EX STOCK
  • Temp Compensated as standard
  • GT7.08L/420 EX STOCK
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Baumer Hubner GTB9 Tacho Generator
  • IP68 standard tacho
  • Temp compensated as standard
  • 16mm straight bore AND
  • Conical bore for Siemens motors
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Baumer Hubner GTR9 Tacho
  • 60V/1000 RPM EX STOCK
  • Clear backing plate
  • Temp compensated as standard
  • 16mm hollow bore - baumuller ghts 46
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Baumer Hubner Thalheim KTD3 Tacho Generator
  • Small percent Ripple
  • 14 / 15mm standard bore tacho
  • 10V - 60V/1000 RPM available
  • 10mm - 16mm bore available
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Baumer Hubner Thalheim TD3 Tacho Generator
  • Bore sizes from 12mm to 16mm
  • 14mm EX STOCK
  • TD3A4KAAM TD3A4KASM (Shaft)
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Radio Energie RAC12 Tachogenerator
  • 3-Phase-tachogenerator with integrated rectifier
  • ***Production ceasing June 2015***
  • Try TD3 Baumer Thalheim for equivalent
  • 30V/1000 RPM 14mm Bore
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Radio Energie RDC 14 Tachogenerator
  • Hollow shaft tacho generator
  • Permanent-magnet excitation
  • 20v 40v 60v EX STOCK
  • (could replace Magnetic BRB11)
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Radio Energie RDC 207 and 208 Tachogenerators
  • DC tachogenerator: rotor/stator set
  • ***Production ceasing June 2015***
  • Mounted on smooth shaft/fixed key
  • Try GT7 Baumer for comparison
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Radio Energie RDC 40 Tacho generator
  • DC hollow shaft Tachogenerator
  • ***Production ceasing June 2015***
  • Mounting on smooth shaft end
  • For use in Lift industry
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