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Tacho Generators are utilized in order to measure distance and speed. These devices offer plenty of accurate data and are used to create electrical power from motorised energy coming from a running shaft. Tacho Generators are also known as electromechanical generators and they are devices which create electrical power via mechanical energy. A typical Tacho Generator will be powered by a shaft which turns. The shaft provides the mechanical energy and the Tacho generator converts it to electrical power. If the Tacho generator isn’t hooked up to load resistance, it’ll create voltage which is in approximate proportion to the speed of the shaft. A shaft-mounted Tacho Generator will be utilized in order to give a tachometer power, as well as to calculate the speed of engines and the rates of motion of other rotational mechanisms. Different shaft styles are available, including hollow shaft, blind shaft and solid shaft products.

Baumer Hubner GTF7.16 Tacho KM982792G33
  • Temp. Comp. as standard (IP55)
  • Interchangeable with REO444L
  • Supplied to Lift Industry
  • 60V/1000 RPM EX STOCK
  • Mainly used in the Lift / Elevator / Escalator Industry
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Baumer Hubner TDP0,09 LT Tacho Generator
  • Temp. Compensation as standard
  • 40V/1000 RPM EX STOCK
  • Available with two seperate voltages (TDPZ0,09)
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Baumer Hubner TDP02LT Tacho Generator
  • Temp Compensation as standard
  • Interchangeable with REO444R
  • IP55 standard tacho generator
  • TDP0,2 TDPoo2, TDP02, TDPo2
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Radio Energie RE.0110 and RE.0122 Tachogenerators
  • ***Production ceasing June 2015***
  • 7v and 20v/1000 rpm tacho
  • Flange B 14 reo122
  • re.0110 reo110 re0110 re.0110
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Radio Energie RE.0220 Tachogenerator
  • Small DC tachometer generator
  • ***Production ceasing June 2015***
  • re.0220 reo220 re0.220 re.o220 reo22o
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Radio Energie RE.0444ADF (ATEX) Tachogenerator
  • New design with terminal box
  • Easily integrated for heavy duty or standard industrial applications
  • re.0444adf reo444adf re0444adf re.0444adf
  • series reo444 tacho generators
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Radio Energie RE.0588 Tachogenerator
  • DC Tachogenerator with low ripple
  • Permanent-magnet excitation
  • Terminal box
  • *** Some units ceasing manufacture June 2015***
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Radio Energie RE.0588GB Tachogenerator
  • GB industrial standards: flange and foot mounting
  • Temperature compensation
  • *** Some units ceasing manufacture June 2015 ***
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Radio Energie RE0315L Tachogenerator
  • ***Production ceasing June 2015***
  • Permanent-magnet excitation
  • 20V-40V Ex stock
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Radio Energie RE0444 L Tacho generator KM811491G01
  • DC Tachogenerator (series REO444)
  • kone p/n KM276027 re.0444l
  • plain / keyed shaft re0444l
  • Friction wheels available as spares
  • Mainly used in the Lift / Elevator / Escalator Industry
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Radio Energie RE0444 R Tachogenerator
  • DC Tachogenerator derived from RE.0444 N model
  • Interchangeable with the TDP02LT
  • reo.444r re.o444r re0.444 re.0444r
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Radio Energie RE0444N Tachogenerator
  • 7mm DC Tachogenerator
  • Dust cover to IP55 (REO444NE1B)
  • Ex stock
  • re0444n re.0444n re.o444n reo444n
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